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Key leadership people within schools, educational systems and the Church, speak very highly of a school and Church leader who developed outstanding marketing strategies and approaches for these institutes. These are now presented in very detailed yet simplified language in his school and Church marketing paperbacks and e-books.

Anyone who is interested in developing a successful school marketing plan will find an excellent and user friendly resource in - School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed), written by Bryan Foster.

The wealth of experience, knowledge, strategies, skills and resources on tap in this text makes it a “must have” for anyone who is serious about marketing a school effectively and successfully.

Bryan’s experience as a highly respected educator and administrator in a wide range of educational settings has contributed to the sound advice, wisdom and quality of the content shared throughout the text.

This book is not your run of the mill “Marketing 101 “. It is a special and invaluable text that caters for readers from many different backgrounds and levels of experience and involvement in marketing.

I highly recommend Bryan Foster’s book which is like a “GPS”device for marketing. One can find immediate directions by easily accessing the comprehensive, accurate and “tried and true” hints throughout and feel as if they are in trusted hands.

The value added touches within the text whereby Bryan promotes confidence, encourages creativity and alerts the reader to potential obstacles or problems along the marketing path sets this book apart from other texts I have read on this topic.

Bernadette Roche MA ( Leadership), B Ed, Grad Dip RE, Dip Teach ,MACE, JP - Marketing Manager / Assistant Principal (former), Marymount College, Gold Coast

"...the Church marketing manual has much to offer to help parishes to promote themselves..."

Bryan Foster's Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) 2011, provides a useful model for making better known what a parish has to offer, and connecting with people who have not yet become registered parishioners, and the wider community in general. 

The detailed manual has much to offer to help parishes to promote themselves better to those searching. 

Bryan's book comes as a result of many years of parish and school involvement, and so he is aware of some of the unique issues that parishes face, especially with limited personnel and finances.

Fr Adrian Sharp Associate Judicial Vicar at Regional Tribunal of Brisbane/Queensland, former PP, St Mary's Parish, Coomera, Gold Coast - studied Canon Law at St Paul's University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

These two resources have excellent guidance and advice for principals and school trustees who wish to be active in promoting their school to their own community and in the wider community.

    * School Marketing Manual For The Digital Age

    * School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy To Use Guide To Market Your School

Br Sir Patrick Lynch, CEO - New Zealand Catholic Education Office

I bought this school marketing manual book to gain ideas on how to market my school and I used this resource with my school board and marketing committee and we found it very easy to use. It has comprehensive guidelines on how to market your school and it is very easy to follow.

The suggestions outlined in this book have worked for our school community and we are seeing the benefits from many of the suggestions. We have increased our enrollment and this was our goal. I certainly can recommend this wonderful resource.

Vincent Reiner, Principal, - All Souls Catholic School, San Fancisco, USA






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Bryan Foster, Author / Director / Teacher
Great Developments Publishers
Aldrin Avenue, Benowa
Queensland, Australia 4217

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