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There is a God - Through the Two Perspectives of Faith and the Historical / Cultural / Lived Experiences

There is a God. There are so many ways to explain this answer. However, in a widely secular, materialistic, individualistic world, the challenge is even greater. I will approach the answer from the following two perspectives: 1. Faith and 2. Historical, Cultural, Lived perspectives.

1. Faith

Faith experiences throughout the world are considerable. There is no doubt that billions of people believe in God out of faith. This belief may or may not have other experiences attached. They just know and feel that it is true. They know that this helps them in their lives to live fulfilling and substantial lives for themselves and others. They feel the support and presence of God in their lives. They interact with God through prayer and within the living world.

I find it very difficult to see why this is such a major challenge for doubters. If there is a God then surely this divine 'world' of God is different to our own physical world. How we of the physical world interact with the divine world / God would be by definition quite different.

This could explain why so many have a faith opposed to a scientific explanation of the divine or God. Science is of the physical world. God is of the divine world. People use science to help explain the physical world. People mainly use faith and their own spiritual / religious experiences to explain and interact with the divine world in rather limited terms, concepts and ways. But they know God and the divine are there!

However, Science may be interested in exploring why 'tears of love' often accompany religious experiences of God, through prayer, relationships and nature, etc. A physical sign of God's presence is through these tears of Love / tears for God!

2. Historical, Cultural, Lived

Various cultures have lived their beliefs for thousands of years, and still do. In some cultures it is the extreme case not to believe in God or the divine. These two points in themselves offer a strong case for a belief in God and the divine!

For those who say that people believe out of habit, or that they need something to believe in, or that they fear death and the afterlife, there may be some justification for this. However, this does not allow for a mature faith where a person accepts the beliefs as an adult and leaves the childish, blind beliefs, behind. These people are true adult believers and once again accept the awesome divine through a limited human experience and all the difficulties this entails.

Yet, the belief is real. God is real!

This 'There is a God - Through the Two Perspectives of Faith and the Historical / Cultural / Lived Experiences' article was written by Bryan Foster, author of the Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed), 2010, a 329 A4 page instructional manual, and the School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010, a 369 A4 page instructional manual, both with an outstanding array and number of strategies and examples - this allows for a considerably large number of key points to be detailed and available for marketers in general, and church marketing personnel specifically, with copyright being retained by SMAPL

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