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There is a God - Through a 25th Birthday Personal Experience

There is a God! There are so many ways to explain this answer. However, in a widely secular, materialistic, individualistic world, the challenge is even greater. I will approach the answer from the personal experience perspective.

God is love. Love is the meaning of life. God is the meaning of life.

When you experience God in such a way that your life is forever changed for the good, you never doubt the existence of God again and you live a very much changed lifestyle.

I experienced God in a unique experience on my 25th birthday. I was not a charismatic Catholic or born again Christian, in fact I actually fought against what I perceived might happen to me if I allowed a religious sister to pray over me. I couldn't fight the experience any longer and was prayed over at a unique Eucharistic celebration. My whole body started to be filled with a most incredible warming experience, starting at the top of my head and moving down through my body until it reached my feet. It felt as if my old self was being washed out and I was being filled with this most loving feeling.

At once I began to cry uncontrollably. Tears of absolute love for God, who now became as apparent as anything else that is real, which I have ever experienced, were forthcoming. To this day, over 25 years later, my recollection is as if I had a DVD of the experience. Tears of love well in the eyes, or crying occur, whenever I experience the love of God. It happened at the birth of each of my children. It happens when an extra special beautiful thing happens in the world or in nature. It happens whenever I retell my stories of love.

These events may be extremely simple everyday happenings or may be quite complex in nature. All these events have God present. The God of LOVE! These experiences involve the physical - tears.

Yes, this is quite raw emotion and nothing for which to apologise. The loving emotion is the window to God. God gives the believers ways to know God is here.

The tearful and crying experiences can be quantitative. These are not just faith experiences.

This 'There is a God - Through a 25th Birthday Personal Experience' article was written by Bryan Foster, author of the Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed), 2010, a 329 A4 page instructional manual, and School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010, a 369 A4 page instructional manual, both with an outstanding array and number of strategies and examples - this allows for a considerably large number of key points to be detailed and available for marketers in general, and church marketing personnel specifically, with copyright being retained by SMAPL

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