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Love is Giving – Australian Mateship Wins Out in Flood Covered Queensland

Love is Giving - this is especially shown this month through the quality of Australian mateship, as displayed throughout flood covered Queensland.

Floods have literally covered three-quarters of my state, Queensland, Australia, these past three weeks. As a comparison, flood waters in Queensland have covered: five times the size of Great Britain, or twice the size of Texas, or four times the area of Japan.

The capital city, Brisbane, has just been severely affected this week. The CBD was shut down when power was cut for days.

Thousands of volunteers are this weekend out about throughout Queensland helping those whose houses, businesses, schools etc. have been damaged. Neighbours are freely giving time and goods to others who have been flooded. People are travelling between cities and towns to assist. The coordination of search and rescue, rebuilding infrastructure, keeping up morale and volunteers, etc., led by Premier Anna Bligh and Prime Minister Julia Gillard, has been outstanding.

Even though Australia is a country of excessive natural disasters, such as floods, bush fires and droughts, etc., no-one predicted anything like this. This is by far the greatest natural disaster to hit the country in recorded time.

About a half of Australian mining resources are mined in Queensland and a similar percentage of various agricultural goods are grown in this state. It will take months, if not a couple of years, for people to rebuild their houses and businesses; for the public infrastructure to be repaired or rebuilt; and for the economy to return to normal.

However, the true Australia spirit of mateship, of giving everyone a go - no matter nationality, religion, career, wealth, etc. is prevailing - and prevailing very strongly!

True love means giving! True love is not about taking! It is in times of absolute turmoil and destruction that true love is real and visible. These floods have brought out the best in people. Thousands and thousands of volunteers are currently doing just this. Best news of all regarding humanity is that very little looting or crime has occurred during this period!

The thousands of people who have been directly affected by this catastrophe have likewise been helping others in need. Flooded neighbours have helped neighbours, towns and have towns and cities have helped cities.

The recovery bill will be well into the 10s of billions of dollars. Special thanks go to all the people throughout the country and world who have been generously giving financially to assist - this is love in action. Money is critical to the successful rebuilding program - for people's lives as well as public and private infrastructure.

Australia has been famous for its generous spirit of mateship and genuine camaraderie. People truly do value others, especially in their times of need during hardship and struggle. It is such a pleasure to be able to truly witness this in action - TRUE LOVE wins!!!

This 'Love is Giving – Australian Mateship Wins Out in Flood Covered Queensland' article was written by Bryan Foster, author of the One God for All, with copyright being retained by Great Developments Publishers.

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