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Church marketing personnel need to be up-to-date with the latest church marketing strategies and resources to successfully implement the church / parish marketing plan. This church marketing blog enables church marketing personnel to engage in blog discussions relating to the church marketing issues of today. The 'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)', 2011, by Bryan Foster, forms the basis for most of these blog posts.

Love Experienced Through Nature

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Love can be experienced through a natural experience of love - God is in nature. Love is the meaning of life. God is love. God is the meaning of life and can be especially experienced in the natural environment.

Love is there for all to experience and engage with...

We must be open to it, yet need to be in a real loving state to engage fully with it. There are so many ways to experience love.

The four most common ways to experience love are through:
  • relationships,
  • nature and
  • our own personal spirituality
  • God.
A recent experience of surfing with dolphins in the wild of the ocean was one of the most incredible experiences of love in nature that I have experienced.

This was to the point of experiencing something beyond. Tears poured out along the crest of a wave. This creation of nature and I met that day in a truly special way. The cosmos seemed so small. We were ONE in that moment in time!

I experienced this twice. Once I was with my daughter - we were circled by dolphins while swimming in the sea at waist depth. This was to the point of experiencing something beyond. Tears flowed, along with the 'oh my God' feeling in its truest spiritual sense, as three dolphins circled us one sunny, summer morning.

My first experience of dolphins, up close and personal, and away from the local dolphin tourist attraction, was while I was surfing on my short surf ski at Broken Head, near Byron Bay, Australia. (Coincidentally, Byron Bay is an eclectic beachside township, primarily a holiday destination, which has a strong diverse spiritual undercurrent and welcomes an array of people from the extremely rich to the old style hippy. It is also a world renowned backpackers' haven. Quite a fitting place to experience what turned out to be a most spiritual occurrence.)

On that day I was surfing amongst some extremely beautifully formed, turquoise waves, with schools of dolphins porpoising through, over and under the waves. On one particularly large wave I was speeding across its front and had water spraying into my face at such a speed that I had to keep blinking my eyes to avoid the spray obscuring my vision. I had just come out of the tube / barrel of a wave when a black shadowy figure slid through the face of this wave to my right and went downwards underwater in front of me. At this stage my greatest fear was that it was a shark and all the horror thoughts of such a situation flew through my imagination! Panic set in to such an extent that I feared falling off the ski - but knew I had to fight to stay on, no matter what!

At that moment the shadowy figure quickly rose to the surface immediately in front of me, at about two metres, and porpoised up and down - virtually leading the way! I followed, mesmerized by what was literally unfolding in front of me - I now feared falling off out of absolute awe!

Tears filled my eyes - and blurred my vision! I was truly in a most loving zone! I was really one with nature - with a most remarkable, intelligent mammal. I subconsciously fought to maintain my balance as I was totally distracted and in quite an euphoric state. This dolphin, a most remarkable creation of nature, and I met that day in a truly special way. The cosmos seemed so small. We were ONE in that moment in time!

The literal, physical sign of love, i.e. tears, permeated this most wonderful, awe-inspiring experience. Love is real. It is the meaning of life. Love is experienced within and outside the natural world in so many all encompassing and enfolding ways.

Love is there for all. We must be open to it, yet need to be in a real loving state to properly experience it. We close ourselves off from it when we desire to, or do, harm to others and ourselves. We also have love closed off from us when others harm us. Harm may be in so many ways, including the physical, emotional, sociological, etc. Go beyond the harmful into the loving! Forgiveness of self and others is often needed.

Live a loving life and love will truly be there.

The 'Love Experienced Through Nature' blog post was written by Bryan Foster, author of Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed), - the paperback and ebook manual for Church communications and marketing personnel - 304 pages of easy to read and implement summarized points, which allow for a considerably large number of quality stategies and examples to be detailed and available for church marketing personnel - with copyright remaining GDPL. Book available from and

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