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Flood-Stricken Grantham, Nature and God

Friday, July 06, 2012


Flood-stricken Grantham in Queensland, Australia, is one place where nature’s tragedy so fills the heart with the oneness of all.

We arrived at the rock memorial to the 12 people who died at Grantham during the 2011 out-of-the-blue floods, at the same time two teenage young ladies arrived. We stood in silence and ended up being a part of their special moment, their reaction to seeing the names held in veneration on the rock.

Tears in our eyes contrasted with their joy at recognising two of their friends’ names and the flowers placed nearby.

The oneness we feel with our fellow humans during such tragedy is something quite wonderful, beautiful and so divine.

I had previously driven through Grantham, and along the nearby Murphy’s Creek, which were both astonishingly flooded in a once in a century event in early 2011, a mere two months after the tragedy which ended up seriously flooding the capital Brisbane downstream in the state of Queensland, Australia.

This time, just over a year after my first drive-thru and just over a year since the tragedy, was my first stop on a state-wide caravanning holiday. It was supposed to be a de-stressing, relaxing holiday – miles away from our daily existence. And it was – except - this first day ended up being another close encounter with God.

It is so hard to express the feelings one has when confronted by the reality of such an unexpected and horrifying natural fatalities. Having seen it un-fold on television, and shortly afterwards – those videos of people whose houses were totally surrounded by ranging flooded waters – filming it as it happened! One such recording was from a man whose house was literally floating downstream as he filmed first from inside and then from the rooftop. He was also able to capture other houses washing downstream – oblivious to the grand horror of what was actually happening.

To today stand in the park close to where his house floated past, and just metres to the railway crossing where a woman lost her child she couldn’t hold onto as she was stuck in those raging waters, was so emotionally confrontational, so challenging to normal human sensors, so one with God in all this horror, so freeing to be able to be, in some small way, one with my fellow humans during this most horrific day, just over a year ago!

Video of torrential flooding at Grantham 2011.

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