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Published November 2017
Mt Warning Wollumbin Photobooks

Mt Warning Wollumbin Circuit is a spectacular photographic adventure around the base and surrounds of Mt Warning, Australia. Join photographer and author, Bryan Foster, on this picturesque adventure. The stunning core of the volcano goes through various shapes and appearances, according to the changing viewing angles and weather conditions as the circuit journey progresses. Highlights include Mt Warning / Wollumbin from most angles, summit photos, the townships of Murwillumbah, Tyalgum and Uki, Mebbin National Park, special restaurants/cafes, the Tweed Regional Gallery and many more unique and interesting stops on the plains and around the scenic rim of Mt Warning / Wollumbin. The summit track start is a most peaceful and reflective place. Spend time there and be recharged.

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Photographic and key stories of a most remarkable experience of receiving God's Word first hand at Mt Warning / Wollumbin, Australia. Spectacular photos are showing where one person discovered God's messages, journeying around Mt Warning. Bryan Foster drove the 72km base circuit, around farms and through national parks and small villages. Reflected on it and became very familiar with the mountain. On the third day, he awoke during the night. There was a truly strong awareness that he was one with Mt Warning. Remarkably, what followed blew him away! Without thinking about what was to be written, Bryan found himself writing down a list as it was told to him by God.

Available from Amazon, Blurb and Apple One God for All One God for All  refocuses God’s place in a troubled world. Society needs to appreciate that there is only 1 God and that God is central to our whole being and all worldly pursuits. No one religion has a monopoly on God. All religions can be enhanced and be more successful once there is an appreciation of only 1 God.

Join author Bryan Foster on his life’s journey of discovering God and God’s messages, which are so important for us all today. Experiences which occurred throughout our world. His life was changed so significantly through an encounter with God on his 25th birthday that his faith has never faulted. It continues to grow.

See what Bryan found and explore how this may help us all in our spiritual, faith and life journeys. God loves us all equally. Discover the ‘Tears from God’ that we can experience. See Science as God’s tool. Explore true beauty, humour and the wilderness - these are God’s gifts.

The sharing of God’s messages for today’s world, and the author’s many life stories from his 59 years, bring a challenging new found reality of God for us.

Religious scripture and commentary from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism adds to this exploration.

The approach used in One God for All is of keeping God’s messages simple, without diminishing the important meaning.

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Bryan Foster with ' One God for All' at St Paul's Book Centre


Karen Foster & Bryan Foster

My Australia Photos (series)

#1 Uluru (Ayer's Rock) Kata Tjuta (Olgas)

#2 Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia

#3 Ormiston Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia

#4 Daly Waters NT, Australia

#5 Kakadu NT, Australia

#6 Litchfield NP & Mataranka NT Swimming

#7 Best Ever Sunset Uluru NT

#8 Uluru (Ayer's Rock) Kata Tjuta (Olgas) (2nd ed)

#9 Stuart Highway Towns & National Parks

#10 Savannah Way - Daly Waters NT to Karumba Qld Gulf of Carpentaria by Caravan

This My Australia Photos series journey begins at Uluru, the heart of this extraordinary continent, the driest on Earth. It shows the raw, natural beauty of Australia, as seen through spectacular, unaltered photographic images.

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62 pages of spectacular, authentic, unaltered, Australian scenes in all books

(except the Best Ever Sunrise 50 pages and Stuart Highway + Savannah Way 64 pages each).

See each entire book at Blurb by clicking 'Preview' on the cover of the selected book.


Marketing Books

School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)

Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)

by Bryan Foster

These books are written for both the beginner and the professional marketing manager. Whatever your experience, these books will help with your marketing plan and strategies.

Includes numerous weblinks for internet applications, along with many internet screenshots of key detailed points to assist with appreciating and implementing necessary strategies for your school and church marketing plans.

Both marketing manuals have an easy to use approach. The books and e-books are written in clear, concise, summarized, point form, which both engages and motivates the reader. 

This instructional manuasl tell the - how to... of marketing schools and churches in the digital age!

Step by Step Suggestions for Marketing in the Digital Age

Step-by-step suggestions enable the School and Church Marketing Managers to work toward the implementation of the School and Church Marketing Plans in the best way s/he feels possible within his / her context. 

Th school marketing books and e-books are written to share outcomes and skills gained from many years’ experience of marketing schools and churches 'on the ground’. Being on staff in the schools and in leadership positions within the church Bryan Foster was able to see first-hand what was needed and then to do something about these needs.

The marketing manuals aim to summarize these skills and outcomes to help make marketing your school and church a more enjoyable and rewarding accomplishment.

Assistance with Eradicating Marketing Fears

It has been an aim to take away some of the trepidation various readers might feel about certain aspects of marketing. A common challenge is dealing with the media. This is covered by how best to use the media to the school's or church's advantage, as well as how best to market through the media. Another is the challenge to effectively work through the production of various marketing resources.

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Bryan Foster, Author / Director / Teacher
Great Developments Publishers
Aldrin Avenue, Benowa
Queensland, Australia 4217

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