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3x Rule

School Marketing often requires the targeted audience to receive the message at least three times. (Various research places this up to 7 times!)

This best occurs in at least three different ways. 

Creativity is essential.

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright 2007 - 2016 Great Developments Publishers.  

Hints & Tips

A top tool - Word of Mouth

A top way to market your school or church is by Word of Mouth! Let's keep it simple. From my..
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Research, Preparation and Quality Implementation

School and church marketing now more than ever needs to be well researched, well prepared and ve..
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AAA - Advertising Advantage for Administrators

The AAA is essential for all those marketing the school. The Advertising Advantage for Administr..
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Bryan is experienced in multiple areas of school marketing and school management. Bryan has skills in many areas and has taken his knowledge and created a fantastic resource for schools and educational departments. As a client Bryan undertook instruc..

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