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Key leadership people within schools, educational systems and the Church, speak very highly of a school and Church leader who developed outstanding marketing strategies and approaches for these institutes. These are now presented in very detailed yet simplified language in his school and Church marketing paperbacks and e-books.

 Bryan’s role at Aquinas College as Media Marketing Coordinator led to the implementation of many creative and innovative school marketing initiatives.

During this period enrolments at Aquinas grew and student academic outcomes improved. The school’s renewed sense of vibrancy and dynamism in the community can be directly attributed to Bryan’s ability to accurately and cleverly promote the College’s special strengths and unique qualities.

Diarmuid O’Riordan, Deputy Executive Director, Catholic Education, Cairns Diocese, former Principal of St Peter Claver College, Riverview. - Former Principal, Mt Carmel School, Yass

This school marketing manual by Bryan Foster is for all those who want essential information on the key marketing areas of: advertising, resources, necessities and school relationships. Along with the how to of planning and coordinating a plan. The media section should dispel those fears many have for dealing with, and gaining from, the media. Enjoy this resource. It should help you market your school professionally and creatively.

Maryanne Finder, Principal, Aquinas College, Gold Coast. - Former Principal, Clare Catholic High School, Sydney.

For someone like me, even with my Journalism experience, I have found this school marketing book to be a hands on, practical guide to promoting my school. The language used, along with the layout and the content, has enhanced my confidence ... I can see this resource reaching the audience for whom it was written – people responsible for marketing in schools. It helps having seen first hand the author in his marketing role - he has been enormously successful over many years.

Mrs Kathy Dendy M.Stud.Welfare, Grad.Dip.Ed., Grad. Cert. RE, B.Bus.Comm. (Journalism) Dean of Students, St Stephen's College, Coomera - formerly Acting Assistant to the Principal – Religious Education, Aquinas College, Southport.

I love the clean and fresh look of the School Marketing website. User friendly.  I think you look great on the video clip.

I love the work verification (because the user can read it). I think it has much capability for the user.

You are very generous  with your free tips etc.

I like the many calls to action that offer the user and the ease in which you make it possible.

You have done a great job!

Bernadette Kreutzer, Executive Office, Parents and Friends Assoc. Qld, former Communications and Marketing - Brisbane Catholic Education






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