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Key leadership people within schools, educational systems and the Church, speak very highly of a school and Church leader who developed outstanding marketing strategies and approaches for these institutes. These are now presented in very detailed yet simplified language in his school and Church marketing paperbacks and e-books.
I find Bryan Foster’s new book will help considerably with marketing our Catholic parishes in the modern world. I am especially drawn to the chapters on Parish – School relationships and the uses of the internet, in particular the parish website.

The Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed), 2011, will be a highly valued resource within the Surfers Paradise Parish.

Fr Dan Ryan PP at Sunnybank Parish, former PP at Surfers Paradise Parish -

Congratulations on the School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed), 2011 - It is superb. It is absolutely amazing the way you have produced it in such detail, yet simplicity. The headings, Vision and Mission, values underlying it all, professionalism, etc. I could go on. You are the Best media person I have ever come across.

Sr Nancy Freddi, former Vicar Sisters of Mercy, Melbourne, Australia - former Principal Aquinas College, Gold Coast and Mt Lilydale, Melbourne

I indeed enjoyed your book, Bryan. It is now helping me to write a marketing plan to better market my business for the education market.

I'm a marketing professional - but education is a very specific and slightly different market.

Thanks for the great ideas!

Bert Maes, European Haas Technical Education Center Coordinator - CNC Manufacturing, Brussels Belgium

When I first read Bryan Foster’s church marketing manual a month ago, I became very excited about the possibilities it offered. This book I believe holds the key to improving many of our parish communication mediums.

From relationships with our schools to communicating with our parishioners through to web design and blogs, this manual gives strategies for growth opportunities within our parish.

I would highly recommend this book to other parishes as a tool which could be used in groups or by the Parish Priest or Parish Administrator.

I would like to thank Bryan for investing his time in such a valuable resource for parish life.

Sonya Slayter, Parish Administrator - Surfers Paradise Parish






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