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This page will be regularly updated with Hints and Tips from Bryan Foster that will assist in marketing your school successfully. An overview of aspects of marketing your school will be addressed. Detailed explanations and suggestions are found in the various portfolios available from the e-Shop.

Church Marketing Manager

The Church Marketing Manager is a most enjoyable, challenging and rewarding role for someone prepared to do the background work, as well as keep updated!" said Bryan Foster, author of the Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) (2010).

This role is becoming more important and specialised. Each parish, or cluster of churches, need to seriously consider appointing a competent person to the role. The role is often part time for the Parish Manager or Parish Secretary.

Could I suggest a good read of this e-book to gain a fully appreciation of the role and skills required. It is also the 'what, why and how' of church marketing.

You may like to check out to contents pages for the detail included.

Written by Bryan Foster

Church Marketing Necessity

Church parish marketing is necessary when times are hard, both for the people you reach who are in need, as well as those who need to hear your message of Jesus the Christ!

It is important not to skimp on marketing during these difficult times. Use the cheaper methods of marketing, if necessary, including the powerful parishioners, as your main church parish marketing resources.

Written by Bryan Foster

Church Parish Marketing - Why?

Marketing your parish is a most important aspect of any successful parish.

Letting the people within your church community and beyond have the opportunity to more fully understand and appreciate all that is good about your church, is critical to the Church’s future.

An effective church parish marketing plan is necessary for success.

Written by Bryan Foster

Church Parish Marketing Successes

The more church parish marketing successes you can have when you begin, the more chance you will have of gaining greater parish and parish priest support and hence greater funds for other church marketing marketing endeavours.

Don't give up!

Work with the little successes and use these to build bigger church parish marketing opportunities. (See Church Parish Marketing Hints and Tips and the 'Church Parish Marketing e-Handbook... ' for more ideas.)

Written by Bryan Foster 

Church Website Becoming First Place of Call

The church / parish website is becoming one of the most important forms of marketing the parish. It is often where parish information is initially found.

The website is often one of the first places that potential families and parishioners get an overall feel and basic appreciation of the potential for their involvement in parish life.

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