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This page will be regularly updated with Hints and Tips from Bryan Foster that will assist in marketing your school successfully. An overview of aspects of marketing your school will be addressed. Detailed explanations and suggestions are found in the various portfolios available from the e-Shop.

Blog Sites - External to School's Website


The external blog site plays an important role when marketing a school and could be used for three main reasons:

•   these increase traffic to your School website through the links you include in the general blog template you create, and also in the blog posts you write, which are directed to your School’s website
•   these assist with your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as each point (links, as per above) back to your School website assists the SEO
•   in most cases these external blogs are free of charge. (Costs are optional depending on your usage and blog complexities and on the Blog provider. In most cases you can easily do this free of charge.)

A good example of these external blogs are provided by Blogger and WordPress.

Details on all to do with the School Website to be found at School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010 by Bryan Foster.

Blogs Rule for the School Marketing Manager

All school marketing managers should be aware of all the school marketing blogs which would be of benefit for their professional development.

The blog is an ideal place to see other school marketing managers' views on particular topics chosen by the school marketing website's author, Bryan Foster.

Written by Bryan Foster

Blogs: the New e-Church Marketing Information Gaining Power

The blog is revolutionising the church marketing website.

Here is an instant opportunity to both see others' viewpoints and offer your own views on a particular topic as presented by the church marketing website's author.

As these websites grow so too will the number of thoughts offered. Become involved with these church marketing blogs to become better informed.

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright with SMAPL.

Branding Styles of School Needed for School Website

The appearance of the schools' website needs to be in-line with the school’s selected branding styles:

• colors
• photos (for ease of acquiring and using professional images, check out such sites as: istockphoto ( and ( These sites provide professional standard images at relatively inexpensive rates. You buy royalty-free images which you can then use on your website. You may, however, have good professional ones done for you. These photos need to be professionally presented. Don’t skimp on costs here.)
• logo
• motto or catchphrase
• selected key words and key phrases
• good graphics
• clear, directing toolbar/s and other links
• attention grabbing inclusions e.g.

  • o news updates
  • o upcoming events
  • o webpages on your website listed
The school website is discussed through detailed summarised point-form in the School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010 by Bryan Foster.

Church Marketing Kit

The Church Marketing Kit markets key aspects of the parish.

This should be as a result of a concerted effort by key parish personnnel to achieve the best results possible.

Brainstorming for those resources that you believe best promote your church and all that is good about parish life and rituals are needed in the Kit.

An outstanding presentation and set of inclusions is necessary for parish growth and maintenance. (See 'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)' 2010 by Bryan Foster for details.)

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright with SMAPL.

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